Surface water quality assessment using
effect-based methods in the context
of the Water Framework Directive

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Recent Events

The course of the year 2023


The next 8 meetings in 2023 took place via video conference. These meetings dealt with the issue of fulfilling the plan of activities within the framework of TAP Action.

Autumn 2023


n the fall of 2023, the laboratory participated in the 1st international interlaboratory comparison – a round-robin analysis aimed at determining the estrogenic effects of samples organized by the EBM group at WG Chemicals.

Prague 5 - 6 October 2023

23. 10. 2023

The negotiations following the Madrid meeting took place under the organization of VÚV and TAČR in Prague.

Madrid 31.01. 2023


Presentation of the project at the meeting of the TAP Action cluster, which took place in Madrid on January 30 - 31. 2023

Meeting of TAP Cluster members of in Madrid

1 December 2022, Ostrava

The first personal meeting of all the members of TAP Action should take place on the 30th and 31st of January 2023 in Madrid.

Sample analysis

1 December 2022, Ostrava

This year‘s last samples of surface water were taken during October. The samples were concentrated and prepared for ecotoxicological testing. In the moment, the samples are being analyzed for the presence of substances with toxic, mutagenic and estrogenic effects in our laboratory.

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Implementation Plan for cluster of excellence RedCoPollutants and Who-is-Who brochure

22 August 2022, Ostrava

In July, the Implementation Plan for cluster of excellence RedCoPollutants was published and at the same time the Who-is-Who brochure presenting individual members participating in the international project Thematic Annual Programming Action (TAP) was updated.

Implementation Plan for cluster of excellence RedCoPollutants: pdf document (3.2 MB)
Who-is-Who brochure: pdf document (15.6 MB)

English version of the project website

12 May 2022, Ostrava, Praha

The English version of the website has been available since April 2022 thanks to the project's participation in TAP Action. The information on these pages will enable non-Czech speakers to get acquainted with the solution of the project and its results.

April sampling

27 April 2022, Ostrava

The first three sampling campaigns on profiles in the Elbe, Moravia and Odra river basins took place this year as well.

TAP Action activities

20 January 2022, on-line

On January 20, 2022, the first meeting of the members of the TAP Cluster took place online due to the duration of the worsened epidemiological situation. It was attended by 21 project representatives from four countries (Czech Republic, France, Ireland and Spain), a steering committee, and external organizations from the Czech Republic and Germany (representatives of the AquaticPollutants Transfer Project). The aim was to present all stakeholders, their needs and goals, followed by a guided discussion during which synergies were sought between the themes of the individual projects presented and the outputs that could be achieved before 2023. Partner projects are presented in the Who-Is-Who Brochure.

Who-Is-Who brochure: pdf document (4.7 MB)

The Conference the Environment - Environment for Life

16 - 17 September 2021, Praha

In September, a two-day expert conference was held in the Balling Hall of the National Technical Library in Prague, organised by the Czech Environmental Information Agency (CENIA) with the support of the Ministry of Environment.
The HOPEM Project was presented in the lecture section IV: The topic - Water.

The presentation “Water Status Assessment using Effect-Based Methods”: pdf document (2.6 MB, Czech).
More information about the conference can be found here: external link.

Successful nomination of the project to the TAP Action 2022 call

20 July 2021, Ostrava

The HOPEM project has been successfully nominated to the Thematic Annual Programming Action 2022 (TAP Action) call of the ERA-NET Cofund Aquatic Pollutants with funding support from Horizon 2020. TAP Action involves providers from four other EU countries - France, Spain, Ireland, and Sweden. The project aims to promote mobility and sharing of good practice, materials, data and results. The international activities will run from January 2022 to December 2023.

Project website available

29 June 2021, Ostrava, Praha

The Czech version of the project website was launched on 29 June 2021. This fulfilled the Project´s planned outcome classified under category O (Other results), which aims to inform the general and professional public about the possibilities of using effect-based methods in monitoring of pollutant loads in watercourses and the future possibilities of using these methods in surface water status assessment in the Czech Republic.

Sample processing

30 April 2021, Ostrava

The processing of the first samples also started in April. The samples were first stirred with a mixture of sorbents (XAD resins) for 24 hours and then transferred into a solvent, concentrated by nitrogen blowdown evaporation, and stored in a freezer before further processing.

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Video recordings:

Extraction: video recording (1.5 MB)
XAD: video recording (12.1 MB)

April sampling

30 April 2021, Ostrava

In April, the first three sampling campaigns were carried out in accordance with the sampling plans of the Elbe, Morava, and Oder watershed administration enterprises. Due to the rainy weather, the flows in the rivers were increased.

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Project start

4 February 2021, Ostrava

The launch of the Project implementation. The work on the Project has started with the necessary preparatory and administrative activities.
Last update: 18 December 2023


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