Chemical monitoring and
biomonitoring of Horní Malše focused
on freshwater pearl mussel demands

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The project focuses on the Action Plan (AP) of freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) implementation in the Czech Republic, on the population of the Upper Malse River area.

The content of the project is to perform a basic chemical monitoring of freshwater pearl mussel habitat of the Upper Malse SCI. Data on the status of the aquatic environment are not yet available, with the exception of a single incomplete annual series in the preparatory study for the Management Plan. Attention is focused on the catchment area from Dolní Dvořiště upstream. Basic profiles for long-term monitoring will be proposed, following the seasonal course, eventually changes in SCI habitat. The water quality monitoring will be supplemented by the environmental monitoring using bioindications. The bioindications will contibute to comprehensive knowledge of habitat status of single Czech population with significant cohort of subadults from natural reproduction, found in one part of the area.

Monitoring should be a base for a decision on what part of the SCI the AP conservation efforts should concentrate. It is already known that upper forested part (the Czech border - Cetviny) is less eutrophic, but cold, thus less suitable for the successful breeding of freshwater pearl mussel. Also, it is threatened by acidification and erosion. Middle part (Cetviny - Dolní Dvořiště) is threatened by eutrophication, however warmer. About the lower part of SCI (Dolní Dvořiště - Kaplice) are almost no information. The SCI is important by documented reproduction of freshwater pearl mussels in the middle, already partly eutrophic part, and the occurrence of residual population even in the lowest heavily eutrophicated part.

Last update: 22 June 2016


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