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for effective management and conservation
of autochthonous crayfish

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Mobile application

Mobile application “Crayfish in the Czech Republic”

As part of the work on the loosely follow-up project “Predicting the hazards of non-native fish and crayfish”, a mobile application (application for mobile phones) “Crayfish in the Czech Republic” was developed. The application is intended to anybody who is interested in our crayfish protection and serves mainly for recording and reporting the occurrence of crayfish in nature. The application also includes information necessary for identification of crayfish and general information such as basic information on crayfish protection, their distinctive features, basic terminology, etc. Application is currently available only in Czech language.

More information and a link to download the application: click here (link, page only in Czech language)


An updated version of the application is available from 19.8.2021. For details, see news on the project website (in Czech language) or directly on Google Play (in English version too).

Updated application is now available in English language!

Last update: 24 August 2021


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